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Are there places to avoid when I'm looking to acquire a kitten?

There are several less satisfactory sources for kittens. • Kittens on offer in a pet shop or large store are usually the result of an unplanned mating. The owner of the litter mother may have sold them simply to avoid the cost and work of arranging to home them all.
• The source of pet-shop kittens may be particularly dubious if the owner has little interest in the welfare of their breeding cats and regards them simply as a source of income.

• Kittens from farms or that are the result of an accidental mating may have a feral cat in their bloodline, and this may predispose the kitten towards developing behavioural problems in adulthood.

• The same can apply to kittens offered Tree to a good home' in newspapers, on notice boards and from home breeders. You need to be aware of these factors but it doesn't mean that a happy and healthy kitten cannot come from these sources.

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